Equip-a-Student Equip-A-Student is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 by two siblings, Natalie and Melanie, to contribute to our academic community in Miami, Florida. As high school students, we thought of ways to help our community. Our high value on education led us to take action within the academic realm.

Many students have limited access to resources. Our experience as students in the public school system exposed us to this issue in our very classroom. Equip-A-Student was established to fulfill the needs of underprivileged students.

The schools in our local community voiced their concern that some students were ill-prepared for school. Their economic status denied them the privilege of purchasing the required supplies. We immediately sought to rectify this problem.

Their concern spurred us to action. In 2007, Equip-A-Student was born. Since its inception, we have equipped over 8,000 students from eleven different schools in Brazil and the United States. Our mission has been in action for eight years and counting.